Recent Oil Paintings

Yellow Grasses 10x14

Pink Marsh 8x10

Red and White 18x24

Boulder Co. Ranch 16x20

Stormy Sky On Magnolia 12x16

Fall Snow Melt 18x24

On The Boarder 12x16

Frosted 12x16

Thunderbolt Valy 16x20

Curious Pups 16x20

Eldora Summer Cabin 16x20

Soft Grasses 9x12

Back In The Day 16x20

Where The Coyotes Roam 9x12

Green Roof's 11x14

Chilly Morn at the Lyons Homestead 16x20

Evening Rays 9x12

Bundle of Buildings 16x20

Dappled Sun 9x12

Who's Looking at You SOLD

Good Ole Boys 18x24