Bundle of Buildings 16x20

Chilly Morn at the Lyons Homestead 16x20

Evening Rays 9x12

Mountain Church 11 x 14

Greta Balzer Downtown Ward

Its All Downhill From Here 10 x 14

Carols Studio 11x14

Winter Barn Steamboat 12 x 16

Tolland Rd. Cabin

Crane Hollow Barn 11 x 14

Greta Balzer Springtime in Colorado

Springtime in Colorado 8 x 10

The old farm in October 11x14

A Colorado Ranch 12x16

A Colorado Ranch 12x16

Good Old Dave's 9x12

Izzy's Farm 10x13

Greta Balzer The Old Catholic Church 12x16

Lyons Homestead 9x12

Stonington in August 12x16

Cottage in Wells 9x12